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Refund Policy

Refunds Policy

Keep PC Secure provides its support to the customer’s computer through phone, chat, e-mail or even through remote connection, using its high end, state of the art, and integrated delivery platform.

Though it is extremely rare that you will not be happy with our services, but still if for any reason you are not satisfied with our resolution services, you can simply go ahead and take advantage of our Refund Policy as under following:

If the customer has not availed any service, then 100 percent of plan price will be refunded, if claimed within 24 hours of subscribing to any plan.

No refund will be issued after 24 hours of subscribing to the plan.

Refund Clauses

  • Refund policy does not apply to Free Trial Offer (if any).
  • Refund policy will be valid only if Keep PC Secure failed to provide satisfactory resolution of issues mentioned in the scope of services.
  • Refund can only be claimed if customer’s issue has not been resolved or customer did not get the support in the stipulated time mentioned above.

For any refund related queries please send us email at info@keeppcsecure.com

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